Accomplice launches as the first all-in-one app for on-demand services

The only Accomplice you’ll want is now available in the App Store—for free! The first all-in-one mobile app in the U.S. to combine food delivery, car service and rideshare, Accomplice gives you, the consumer, the power to explore, compare, request, purchase and track all of your favorite services in one easy-to-use place.  It’s your new go-to for on-demand services.

Let’s face it. We depend on our mobile devices to inform and manage our daily activities: weather updates, calendar reminders, tracking calories, getting a date, ordering food, coordinating rides, getting groceries, and more. Our smartphones keep us on time, on track and tuned in. A recent study conducted by Nielsen discovered that, “consumers between the ages of 18 to 34 spent 78 billion minutes in the average week using their smartphones, using apps and the web, in the first quarter of 2017. Consumers aged 35 to 49 spent 73 billion minutes in the average week.” 🤳🏼

“The average person has 30 apps installed and uses 10 apps per day. Sorting and toggling between so many apps for different services isn’t making life easier for the user; it makes it harder to keep it all together,” said Hani Samaan, Founder and CEO of Accomplice. “Accomplice solves the problem of app fatigue and creates an all-in-one mobile environment for the services consumers use daily.”

So, here’s how Accomplice will make it easy for you. Feel like Italian? Or maybe Indian? Family of picky eaters or friends with food allergies? Need to catch a ride home or coordinate arrival with friends or family? Together in one app, Accomplice will:

  • Pull up dining options ( for everyone’s taste buds with menus and Yelp reviews to see what’s great and what’s just okay. 🍕
  • Make your choices from multiple options and pay for it in one checkout. 💳
  • Order food to be delivered when you arrive home. 🚚
  • Coordinate a ride home – on either rideshare, car service (Lyft) or taxi (Flit). You can even schedule rides up to 30 days in advance. 🚕
  • Track arrival times in one seamless interface, so you know exactly when your food/car will arrive, which is great for planning. ✔️

By taking the best of on-demand services, Accomplice has created a dynamic mobile marketplace across multiple channels, connecting you with the services and businesses you love.

Accomplice is now available for download on Apple’s App Store. Download it today!

Check us out on Product Hunt:


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